Three Kings, South Georgia Island, 2015

Not many people realize that how they frame a subject in a photo can convey a powerful meaning to the viewer of the photo. Photographing down onto a subject can diminish their significance, photographing at eye level suggests an intimacy and familiarity, and shooting up onto a subject can amplify their importance in the frame. I find these King Penguins such beautiful and regal birds, so I chose to photograph them from below (while lying on the ground), as was fitting of a King. Plus, I love being able to see the finer details of their colorful feathers. Shot while on assignment for National Geographic.

Location: South Georgia Island
Photograph Date: 2015
Medium: Chromogenic Print
Edition: 200

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About the Photographer

Jonathan Irish

During his eight years on the National Geographic staff, photographer Jonathan Irish launched and directed the National Geographic Adventures program. He specializes in documenting adventure lifestyles, landscapes, and cultures abroad. Jonathan has photographed on all seven continents, and has shot a variety of assignments in Antarctica, Patagonia, and beyond. His photography has appeared in National Geographic and The New York Times, on BBC, CNN, and elsewhere. For the 2016 centennial of the U.S. National Park Service, Jonathan is on a year-long road trip with an Airstream visiting and photographing all 59 of America’s national parks.

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