Majesty in Winter, Wyoming, 1999

During a long book project on Yellowstone Park, I traveled back and forth the so-called “8 shaped roads.” One day at the beginning of October when fall time is at its best the elk rut starts.

Big herds were congregating in very photogenic areas like the Minerva terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs or in the meadow of the Midway Geyser Basin. While I was driving and searching for a nice elk bull with cows, I came across this massive bull with perfect antlers.

All of the sudden a big snow shower was setting in and heavy snowflakes started to cover the bull elk. It was hard to focus with my 560mm lens and at that time with a Kodachrome 200 film in the camera.

Nevertheless, it became one of my most-liked images from the wilderness of the Yellowstone in 1999.

Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Photograph Date: 1999
Medium: Chromogenic Print
Edition: 20
Available Sizes: 70cm & 100cm

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About the Photographer

Norbert Rosing

Born in northern Germany in 1953, Norbert Rosing is a passionate nature and wildlife photographer with special dedication to the Arctic, North American landscapes, and the national parks of Germany.

In 1980, Rosing published his first photograph in a German photo magazine. Since then he has traveled extensively to the Canadian Arctic, to the landscapes of the U.S. Southwest, and to the romantic landscapes of Germany's national parks and Africa's savannas.

A member of several photographic associations, he has won several awards for single images as well as for books and magazine articles in Germany and the United States. His images have been published in magazines all over the world, such as GEO, Terre Sauvage, BBC Wildlife, Sinra, Terra, Naturfoto, and Photo Technik International.

Rosing's first cover story in National Geographic magazine, "Bear Beginnings: New Life on the Ice," was published in December 2000. Since then he has also covered musk oxen, walruses, bald eagles, and snow foxes for the magazine, among other subjects.

Rosing`s images were used to create nine stamps for the German Mailing System (Post.)

Rosing has published many books, including: Cheetahs, The World of the Polar Bear, UP HERE, (Photography adventures in the Canadian arctic), WILD GERMANY (about the German National Parks, Yellowstone: Land of Fire and Ice, and Yellowstone: America's Playground, FACE TO FACE WITH POLAR BEARS by NG, and the new Trilogy: WILDNIS, VERBORGEN (Hidden) The wonders of the Franconian caves in Bavaria, WILD WEST (about the US Southwest in b/w.

Norbert Rosing was the patron of two major photography festivals in Germany: HORIZONTE Festival / Zingst & Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel / Oberstdorf, Bavaria

Norbert Rosing is using Leica Camera Equipment since 30 years analog & digital.

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